To read about how I found Zentangle please follow this link and scroll down the page 🥰🙏☘️ Feel free to leave a comment. Have you attended my sessions and how have they helped you?

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Teaching Zentangle Art through a Pandemic.

To help people cope with this new norm

I started teaching Zentangle online through Facebook Live. My Goal was and is very Simple, I want to help people worst hit by the dreadful knock on affects that Covid19 presents. Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Sleepless Nights, Job Loss, Fear, Grief. Lot's of am I going to pay my bills, will I lose my home? I'm stuck at home in an an abusive was my only escape. What about my sick relatives? funerals.? touching only very few allowed to attend etc etc.

I can relate to people suffering all of these questions. That was why I knew I had to help. I have the skillset to offer help to allieve these dreadful feelings so I was more than delighted to be able to offer my help.

I started the classes in Mid March 2020 and as the months were going by, I knew I needed help, I realised I couldn't do this alone because I'm an invalid and live off a very low pension so I asked 2 big Art Suppliers if they would help me get started. So I was delighted when they agreed to supply me with A3 drawing paper, Black Markers, Red & Blue Sharpies and a tin of Faber Castell Gold Faber Pencils. The company's are Royal Talens of the Netherlands and Tom Martin & Co Ltd Faber Castell Ireland.

I am delighted to be able to teach so many people The Zentangle Method and better still, to see how it is helping them live and cope through this dreadful pandemic. I can see people's progress and my own progress. I tell my students straight, for 90 minutes every weekday, I feel less alone because I am surrounded by my lovely students.

We started out with just 1 student. Today we have students join the Live Sessions from all 4 Continents and across many timezones. We also have people who watch the video replay. They all follow the 8th step and post their completed work to Facebook so we can acknowledge the final step in this 8 Step Method, to Appreciate and be Grateful. This is where we get to appreciate and enjoy each others work. Where we share knowledge across continents.

I want to thank everyone who has taken part in my sessions and felt that they have helped them in their own personal circumstances.

I'm also grateful to the students who have sent me gifts, art materials and funds to help with the cost of running daily classes. We go through a lot of art materials. My classes are also a great opportunity for students to learn about different products, see them being used before they decide what products they would like in their art kit.

I encourage everyone who takes my classes to reach out to their friends and family who might also find my classes beneficial. Please don't leave them suffer. Invite them to join us. If you can write your name, you can do this.

If you have a group that would like to learn Zentangle, please contact me. I love to teach Zentangle! Would your family and friends like to get together on Zoom to have a creative retreat? Or does your team at work need some stress relief using art as a way to unite you during the pandemic? I can help! With many people not able to get together or work together in person at the office, a Zentangle Art class may just be what you need! 😁☘️