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A short biography and some art work.


Hi, my name is Angelina Arcari, I'm a Certified Zentangle Teacher located in Co Wicklow, Ireland. I teach Zentangle Sessions daily and am the founder of Zentangle Club Ireland.

I love animals and am the proud owner of a little white dog aged 12yrs "Tinkerbell" she is our employee of the month 😁 then I also have Phoebe and Sophia cats aged 17yrs, 3 Hens and a miniature Shetland pony called Fernando also aged 12yrs.

In my leisure time I do leather craft which I love.

Through sharing our art and our cultural differences we learn we are in fact one big family all striving to be the best that we an be...doing it One Stroke at a Time, using the Zentangle Method of Mindful Art as created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas