Catherine Bruchez Marquis

Switzerland 🇨🇭


Hello, I am Catherine and I live in Switzerland, Europe.

I discovered the Zentagle Method randomly. I was considering drawing for a long time when I found a Sakura Zentangle set in a shop and was curious.

I then found more information about Zentangle and I was definitly interested.

I had to put the practice aside for a while but then I found  Angelina Arcari's sessions and I think it is a wonderful way to practice. 

The tile displayed below is one of the tangles Angelina introduced her students to. Everything's covered: patterns, shading, coloring, fun and mindfulness.

I also have found a wonderful and caring community of people, encouraging each other  and sharing tips and advice to enjoy their drawings.

Thanks Angelina for your precious sessions.

Catherine Bruchez Marquis from Switzerland