What Zentangle Club Ireland is all about?

Zentangle Club Ireland is run by a Certified Zentangle Teacher based in Co Wicklow, Ireland. I decided to offer this Service through Facebook LIVE given the affects Covid19 presented to businesses having to shut down and how this was going to affect the entire population.

So Zentangle Club Ireland was born at the start of Covid19 out of compassion for what people were having to face. I wanted to reach people  affected by the knock on affects that Covid19 presented such as extra stress, being in lockdown, housebound perhaps with people we do not get on with, job losses, fear, anger, illness, bereavement and loss plus lots more. Worst than anything is the fear Covid19 has instilled in everyone. Not knowing what the future holds.

I decided to offer Free Daily Zentangle Sessions to give people a 90 minute break in their day. Free from Negativity through Creativity using The Zentangle Method of Mindful Art. 

I'm not working and live off a small pension so I reached out to Art Suppliers to help me to be able to provide the sessions for free. I was very lucky to receive Sponsorship from Royal Talens of The Netherlands, Tom Martin & Co "Faber Castell Ireland" also jumped at the chance to help me out and Self Soothe Ireland also offered Their Totes and Back Pack's for people to  build their own Self Soothe Kit's. We are truly grateful to all of these companies for helping us to keep providing these very valuable classes.

The Feedback we have received from participants has been breathtaking. People are really benefiting from this valuable 90 minute break. 

Fun Days put smiles on their faces. We have built a beautiful community, out of something truly devastating. The work posted each day by Zentangle Club Irelands Participants is joyful and everyone builds each other up. There is so much positivity I feel blessed to have so many people joining us each day.

We have a huge amount of Followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from all walks of life. From our Frontline Workers to Tiny Tots.

Zentangle Mindful Art is fun for everyone. No previous art experience is needed. Just a piece of paper, a pencil and a roller ball pen. We have fun and it has been proven to beat stress, anxiety, fear. Aids sleep, creativity. Builds confidence. Proves you CAN draw & you ARE creative. If you can write your name, you CAN do this, I promise 🌟🙏